Poured with Positivity, an Enamel Badge inside every candle.

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enamel pin soy candles


We love all things candles and enamel pins so we combined them perfectly together.

Each candle has a different pin included, so your Peach Please candle will not have the same enamel pin as your Zesty soy candle. 

All of our enamel pins have been created and exclusively designed by our team of  designers. You cannot buy them anywhere else.

An example of some of the pins you will receive: 


Alice From Black Tulip Beauty

The pin is really cute, super sturdy and honestly probably my favourite one that they offer so I was really pleased. Overall, I’d highly recommend these candles. The scent throw is a lot better than I’d expected for a smaller candle, there was no black smoke or soot released at any point, I really love how they’re presented and how the company want to keep their products environmentally friendly. Read More

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