Best Ways to Display Your Enamel Pin Badges!

If you love enamel pins like us, you will know just how versatile they are. Whether you are a pin collector or have just started your enamel pin collection, there are so many creative and cute ways to style your clothes, accessories and home with your enamel badges.

So, whether you choose to wear your enamel pins or want to use them to add a splash of colour to your home, below is a round up of ideas we love from around the web. 

1. Rainbow Pennant

If you prefer to display your enamel pins in your home, then this is a fantastic idea. With different coloured squares, you can match your pins to the square of your choice, such a cute idea!

displaying enamel pins, how to use enamel badge, soy wax candles

Image from: Clorty Cat Crafts

2. Embroidered Hoop

This is another way of displaying your enamel pins. With a hint of glitter, these embroidery hoop pin displays add a pop of colour to any room. This would also make a great DIY, you can add any colour or texture of fabric to your hoop. 

 enamel pin hoops, enamel badge display, how to wear enamel pins, enamel pin frame

Image from: Little Lefty Lou

3. Mannequins

Another idea which we have been in love with for a while now is this idea that we have seen doing the rounds on Instagram and Pinterest. Using a mannequin or dress form for your pin collection is a great way of thinking outside the box when displaying your pin badges. You can buy these brand new from a tailoring or sewing centre, or have a look in your local charity shop.

Pin Board, pin display, embroidery hoop, pink glitter fabric, pink pin board, enamel pins, pins, brooches, lapel pin

Image from: Baby Face Press

4. On your collar

We all know that enamel pins look great on, denim coats, bags and shorts, but have you tried them on your collars? If you have two of the same pin or even two different ones, why not add them to both your collars to update an outfit?

enamel pin on collar, lapel pins, how to display pins

Image from: Pinterest


5. On Trainers or shoes

This is a new trend that we think is fab. You can now add a little flair wherever you go by glamming up any pair of shoes with your favourite enamel pin. 

enamel pin display, displaying enamel badges

Image from: Halifax Paper Hearts

6. Faux Cake

Who doesn't love cake? This unique and very cute way of displaying pins is a fun and easy DIY that anyone can make at home.

cake pin display, make your own enamel pin display, how to display enamel badges


Image from: Brite and Bubbly 

7. Corkboard

A simple corkboard is an easy and simple way to display pins. At the Candle Pin Club HQ, all our workspaces have corkboards where we all like to display our enamel badges and other items that inspire us.

cork board display for enamel badges and pins


The beauty of enamel pins is being able to show them off in all their glory. Finding a creative way to show them doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. Don’t keep your pins hidden away, there are plenty of ways to showcase them. How do you like to display your pins let us know?

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