Meet The Crew

Our team have many years' combined experience in graphic design, online and digital marketing, fashion design, jewellery making and illustration, meaning our candles and enamel pins and enamel badges ooze creativity - you just won't find the range and uniqueness we offer anywhere else.     


coloured candles, highly scented candles, soy candles uk

Sam is the creative director and part owner of Candle Pin Club.  A self-confessed fragrance junkie she has always loved  playing with scents and fragrances. 

Favourite music / band: Miles Davis and Weather Report.

Favourite colour:Pink! Of course, I insisted that we include the colour on this site...everywhere!

Favourite film: The Breakfast Club


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Raz is a  self-proclaimed computer geek who loves the internet and part owner of Candle Pin Club.  She is in charge of making sure our online store runs smoothly and will be in charge of social media. She also works behind the scenes, making sure the business runs like clockwork and that your candles arrive on time!

Her previous experience in running multiple fragrance businesses means that she also has a hand in the research and development of our fragrances.

Favourite candle scent: Anything with a bakery scent.

Favourite quote: Empowered Women Empower Women!

Favourite way to relax: A good book, I spend a lot of time in front of a screen so I love having that time


summer candles, fresh candles, bakery candles, foodie candles

As the Design Manager, Holly woks alongside Sam and Raz to brainstorm and create new enamel badge, she also oversees the ideas evolve into fun and positive pins.

Favourite Spirit Animal:  Wolf! When I think of my spirit, I think of the song clip “hungry like a wolf” Ha!

Favourite Food: Avocados, all day every day please!

Favourite Day of the week: Sunday! I can do nothing but chill out and think about the exciting week ahead!


 yellow candles, coloured coy candles, Christmas candles, autumn candles

Daisy is a fine art trained designer, who oversees the design and making of our goodies and chats to our customers.

Favourite Artist: Jackson Pollack

Favourite Place in the World: Tibet. I travelled there when I was a student and will never forget the place and people

Favourite Quote: We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths - Walt Disney



soy candles uk, natural candle, funky enamel pin, slogan enamel pins

Naomi oversees all the team of candle pourer at Candle Pin Club HQ so that you can enjoy  your great smelling candles.

Favourite Music Artist:  Dr Dre

Favourite Clothing Brand: Supreme, ASSC and Adidas

Favourite Film:  Toss up between Super Bad and Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one!)